Our Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes are my specialty and I am confident I have one that fits everybody's personal taste. Each cheesecake costs $36.00, is 9' around and will easily serve 12-16 people. If there is a flavor you don't see and is a favorite let me know and I will create it for you.

Caramel Apple

An extra cinnamon graham crust with a layer of fresh cooked caramel apples covers the bottom. A sweet and creamy vanilla cheesecake cover the crust and after baked to perfection another layer of fresh caramel apples tops it off.

Oreo Cheesecake

A sweet vanilla cheesecake is filled with Oreo cookies and baked on top of a rich, chocolate Oreo crust. Covered in a silky layer of ganache and Oreo cookies, this cheesecake is an Oreo lover's dream.


If you like chocolate this one is for you. A rich chocolate cheesecake filled with semi-sweet chocolate chips covers a buttery, chocolate Oreo crust. A silky layer of chocolate ganache covers the top along with gooey Caramel and chopped pecans.

Kahlua Cappuccino

Kahlua liqueur and fresh brewed cappuccino infused cheesecake baked over a chocolate crumb crust. Finished off with a thick layer of silky, chocolate ganache.

Reese's Peanut Butter

The perfect peanut butter cheesecake loaded with chunks of reese's peanut butter cups, over a deep chocolate Oreo crust. Another delicious layer of peanut butter cups covers the top along with swirls of sweet peanut butter.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

The perfect cinnamon graham crust collide with a rich and creamy caramel cheesecake topped with a beautiful piping of extra thick dulce de leche.

Chocolate Creme de Menthe

An extremely decadent chocolate cheesecake infused with creme de Menthe liqueur on top of a minty, chocolate cookie crumb crust. The chocolate ganache and sweet Andes mint candies on top will melt in your mouth.

White Chocolate Raspberry

A layer of plump, red raspberries blankets a sweet graham crust, covered by a white chocolate cheesecake and fresh raspberry purée swirl (blackberry may be substituted for raspberry on request).

Rocky Road Cheesecake

A chocolate cookie crumb crust is underneath a rich chocolate cheesecake swirled with semi-sweet chocolate chips and chopped pecans. A layer of creamy, chocolate ganache covers the top and is piled high with mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, chopped pecans and a chocolate drizzle.


This favorite starts with a cinnamon graham crust that is covered in an Irish cream filled cheesecake, topped with a coffee infused chocolate ganache.


A classic, sweet vanilla cheesecake atop a buttery, cinnamon graham cracker crust. Piled high with your favorite fresh fruit and purée.


A fudge-like brownie bottom is covered in a classic vanilla cheesecake loaded with homemade brownie bites and baked with a chocolate swirl on top.

Samoa Girl Scout Cookie

Chocolate oreo crust underneath a sweet vanilla cheesecake loaded with chopped up Samoa Girl Scout Cookies. On top is a layer of velvety
chocolate ganache and a ring of samoa Girl Scout cookies filled with gooey caramel.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

A chocolaty oreo crust on the bottom, topped with a sweet vanilla cheesecake loaded with homemade chocolate chip cookie dough bites. It is finished off with a melt in your mouth ganache and a ring of semi-sweet, mini chocolate chips.

Lemon Curd & Fresh Blackberry

A buttery cinnamon graham crust topped with a layer of ripe, plump blackberries covering the entire bottom. A perfect combination of sweet and tart lemon curd cheesecake is poured over the blackberries and baked with a blackberry puree swirl to perfection.

Heath Bar Crunch

Rich Heath Toffee bar chunks are piled into a classic vanilla cheesecake and baked on top of a chocolate crumb crust. Topped with another layer of crunchy Heath bar and a drizzle of caramel.


Loads of delicious chunks of Snickers bar swirled into a classic vanilla cheesecake on top of a chocolate crumb crust. It is finished off with more Snickers and a caramel drizzle.

Key Lime

A sweet, cinnamon graham crust topped with a key lime cheesecake with the perfect amount of tart. Serve with fresh whipped cream for a great summer treat.

Creme de Menthe

A chocolate mint Oreo crust is layered with a bright green creme de Menthe liqueur cheesecake with piped in semi-sweet chocolate. A mint lover's favorite topped with chocolate ganache and crushed Andes mints (Great Christmas party pleaser!).

Pumpkin Spice

Nothing says Fall like a pumpkin cheesecake bursting with spice over a buttery graham crust. Top with a bit of sweet whipped cream for the perfect addition.
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